See my newly ranked content

Run a Recon Files report: this domain-specific analysis dives deep to show you content you did not rank on before.

Details: Run a Recon Files Domain Dashboard report.

  1. From the Recon Files tab, create a report on your own domain.
    Create a SpyFu Recon report
  2. Inside the report, head to the Newly Ranked Organic Pages section around page 6. (The actual page can vary per report), or look for it in the navigation menu in the PDF format.
  3. This shows you details on the very pages that appeared as Google search results this past month, including URL and the keywords that trigger it. This newly ranked content did not appear before in the top 50 search results for any of the keywords that we searched.
    Newly ranked organic pages
  4. To further promote the value of these pages, we included details on estimated new clicks you can expect for the month and the value of those clicks.

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