SEO Best Practices for 2016

SEO Best Practices for 2016

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Editor Note: This originally ran in January 2016 as a guest post. An alert reader pointed out its direct use of verbiage and images from another piece that ran 2 months earlier on Search Engine Watch. While we welcome thoughtful and original ideas from our community, this specific piece has been deleted. We prefer to promote the original content written by Jayson DeMers on Search Engine Watch. 




  • Franco Valentino

    Saphia, great article. We’re seeing two things making strong impact in SERP results right now. 1. Localizing a site (correct NAP, local directory listing) and 2. Google+ pages with matching name, address and phone number. One of our customers saw a 384% increase in traffic with a 34% conversion increase. Local is BIG in 2016. Hopefully it’ll last a little longer.

    Thanks for the post,

    Franco Valentino

  • JameSEO

    Solid write up, for sure.