Selling Your SEO Services by Highlighting Value: Keywords In Search Results – SEO Dashboard Tour

The goal of this tour is to arm you with ammunition to convert your results into your most reliable sales tool. Every part of this report, when you position it right, supports your drive for more business.

Before you even present to your clients, customize your report with our white label features.

Once it looks the way you want it, wow them with a solid, value-positioning presentation of your work.

Video overlay for the opportunity video

Reference this with your own report, or just follow along with the screenshots from each page and section.  If you prefer the video format, you can watch that here.

Amount of keywords in top search results

What do you see here?

Every time your content ranks in the top 50 results on a keyword, we collect its ranking, URL and the keyword that triggers your page as a result to satisfy that search.

SpyFu amount of keywords in top search results

This summary helps you understand the extent of your presence and how well your content performs overall. It sorts their organic rankings into groups of:

  • Top 5: Your most relevant keywords, your core
  • Positions 6-10: Opportunity for your most productive leaps in growth
  • Positions 11-20: Established content, but can grow in quality and relevance
  • Positions 21-50: Your base keywords: the seed backlog that, with increased content, carries incredible potential for position gains and new traffic.

Keywords where you don’t yet rank in the top 50 won’t be included in this group.

How you present this:

60% of the clicks occur in the red zone. These are your core keywords. As the red band grows wider, emphasize the ongoing work you’ve done in optimizing for the most relevant searches.

As the blue band grows, emphasize the strong base you have created.

From the first time you review the report for a personal understanding to the time you present your results to your client, the summaries at each section can be your guide and talking points.

SpyFu message explaining that the domain displays within the top 50 of Google

These auto-generated insights are designed to summarize the most positive perspective of the results. Rely on these to give you a new way to present the findings that might not have been very obvious.’s jump this past month in top-tier keywords means that the SEO delivered 100 new keywords that now appear in areas of substantially higher click-through rates. Considering it that way drives home a “gain in value” perception.

Your best action:

Protect your core set of keywords; dig deeper when the orange zone grows at the expense of red. If red grows, review what went well and emulate your biggest success stories.