Shift Budget to SEO via potential Adwords Savings

Show the savings via a SpyFu Recon Files report: the “Overlap in their SEO and PPC Campaigns” section makes the case for cutting PPC spending where they might grow in SEO.

Details: Show the savings via a Recon Files report.

1.   From the Reports tab, create a report on your own domain.

Create Report Tab

2.   Find the “Keyword Overlap in Your SEO & PPC Campaigns” section near page eleven.

  • Just by improving your position on these keywords, you could potentially drop them from your Adwords campaign (or drop your bid). You cut the spending without losing clicks.
Organic Vs. Paid Clicks

3.   Your report includes an executive summary that helps explain this suggested shift in budget to SEO from PPC.

Keyword Overlap

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