SpyFew – Episode 13: The AdWords Advisor Reports

If ever there was a ‘hack’ for Google AdWords advice, paid keyword recommendations, and PPC management – this would be it.

SpyFu has three AdWords Advisor reports, this video will explain how and when to use each one to build and improve your PPC campaigns in a matter of minutes.

Finding strong paid keywords, tracking them as your campaign evolves, and even onboarding new clients with professional looking reports has never been so simple or thorough.


Video Transcript:

Welcome to a new episode of SpyFew.  I know it’s been a while since we’ve done one of these, but we’ve been a tad distracted here for a while (takes a bite of Nachos.)  

…i’m hoping at least a few of you get that joke.




This video is going to go over the 3 different Adwords Advisor reports that SpyFu has to offer.  All of them easy to set up and are incredibly helpful in starting and advancing your PPC campaigns.  


First one you’ll want to look at is the keyword adwords advisor.  This is located under the keyword research dropdown, and then AdWords Advisor.  


We’re starting here because this is the best way to start your PPC campaign, whereas the other two are great for maintaining and onboarding new clients.

This handy little tool will let you type in a keyword, any keyword, and give you suggestions on what other keywords are doing well in that same industry, by looking at the top 5 domains who are bidding on it.  This is great for people who know that they have a strong keyword, and want a good buy on a similar keyword.

I’m going to type in, “new home loan” in the search box, and right away you’ll see a variety of keywords that some of the top advertisers are also using.

You can change or update the competitors that we’re getting the information from.  Or if you have a large list of keywords you can enter those in instead and we’ll find the best competitors based on that list.  


You can filter through this list if you’re looking for more specialized keywords.  For example, I’m going to put in Arizona, and here are all the Arizona based keywords for new home loans.


Once you find the keywords that work best for your campaign, you have the option to add them to a MySpyFu project so you can track your future performance on them.


There are two other AdWords advisor reports, that come in handy after you already have a campaign up and running.  


The good news is that they are all laid out similarly.  SpyFu will recommend what keywords we think are great buys, good buys, down to the ones we think you should simply consider.


Let’s head over to PPC research and then onto AdWords Advisor.  Even though SpyFu is primarily a competitive intelligence software, this is one of the cases where you’re going to type in your own domain.  


And bam.  Just like magic we will give you the top keywords we think you should start bidding on.  Just like before you can filter through these, change the competitors, and add them to your MySpyFu projects.


On a personal note, this is one of our favorite tools that we’ve ever developed.  It is kind of the holy grail of PPC keyword research. Simple to use and understand, and it boils down hours or days of research into less than a second.  


But if you’re looking for the fan favorite, you got to go to the orig.  You guys have been loyal to the first AdWords Advisor report for years. It’s located under the reports tab.  They are incredibly quick to set up, simply put in a domain, review the competitors, and fire it off!


These reports aren’t instant like the other ones, they take a bit more time to find the keywords, and format an actual professional report that you can print, or e-mail out.  This is the easiest way for you to show a client your PPC strategy moving forward. Or even better, use the domain of a potential prospect, show them how your work could improve their site.  




Another reason to use this report is if you couldn’t find ‘great buys’ on the other ones.  This could be an indication that you’re already doing a good job with your PPC campaign. But!  That probably also means that you have a lot of negative match opportunities where you’re currently wasting your money. Unlike the other two reports, this one shows you what keywords you should consider negative matching out.


This is done by taking a look at your competitors and seeing what keywords you’re bidding on, and they are not.  Sometimes it’s the name of your brand or unique products you sell, but a lot of times it’s weird keywords you’re accidentally broad matching on.  


Google doesn’t always tell you about these, but they can sneakily drain your budget.  So when you find them, negative match them out.


No one has got to know that it’s actually a SpyFu report.  If you have a professional plan with SpyFu, you can customize it, white label it, or even add your logo to the reports.  You can even have the report update monthly automatically, so that you can show your progress moving forward, and build out even more keywords.

You spend a couple minutes of work, and look like you spent weeks of research on their site and their competitors.

And that’s what the AdWords Advisor is really about at its core.  Like much of SpyFu, it exists to level the internet marketing playing field.  So that, even if your on a small budget, you can learn from the mistakes and successes of your greatest competitors, without having to suffer through the expensive trial and error on your own.