SpyFew – Episode 2: Finding Negative Match Keywords



Stop wasting money on bad keywords.  Eliminate negative keywords that are draining money from your campaigns. SpyFu can help you find the wasteful keywords that you should negative match out of your campaigns.


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Video Transcript:

SpyFu is known for telling you what keywords you should target to write content on and build ads around.


But we also tell you which keywords suck.

And this might be even more valuable to you.




Google loves spending your money on broad matched terms that you don’t even want.  

And sometimes even if they’re keywords you THINK you want, we know if your biggest competitors are steering away from them.


Negative matching keywords out of your Adwords campaigns can save you oodles of money every month.  


But finding these little buggers can be almost impossible to do on your own, even by scouring your AdWords account.


The two best ways of finding these keywords is through Adwords Advisor, and SpyFu Kombat.


The Adwords advisor will just straight tell you what keywords you should stop spending money on.  The repOrt has even shown us keywords in our own campaigns that we didn’t mean to buy.  Which made us equally annoyed at our campaign, but really happy about the Adwords advisor


When you enter your domain and two biggest competitors Into SpyFu Kombat you usually focus on the overlaps.  But the section that we tend to forget is right here, the keywords you’re buying but your competitors don’t.  A lot of these are probably going to variations of your brand name, but some of these keywords might be hindering your campaign.


Some of them might have nothing to do with your site.  Negative match them out.


We’re putting together an interactive Adwords Advisor report so you can get helpful PPC advice on the fly, but we haven’t included the Negative Match feature, at least not yet.  So let us know if this is something you guys find valuable in the comments below.


  • Rand Sprague DBA Adword Assoc.

    Awesome Sign-off! This should keep Cindy quite for a while! As Negitive Keyword are now just as important as regular Keywords – in the age of Modified Broad Match- WE WOULD LOVE a Negitive Keyword Identifier feature!!!

    • AgentSidra

      Great call. Their importance should never be overlooked. I think the AdWords Advisor is your best identifier as it’s customized to your specific campaign. We’ll keep working on new developments, though. Love these ideas!

  • Livtar Khalsa

    Let’s get NEGATIVE! Yay!

    • AgentSidra

      The only time I’ll cheer on that statement 🙂 Hooray for negatives making things, uh, positive!

  • Indochina Unique Journeys

    Negative keywords – more insidious than the tax department!

    • AgentSidra

      Fortunately, using negative match keywords can be really helpful and (if we’re making comparisons) actually save you money. The sneaky little suckers that slip in are more results of odd matches or even dwindling performance. The good news is that you can easily work around them. We give that a thumbs up.

  • http://www.cyndismith.com Cyndi Smith

    Not sure if this will translate well into your comments area, but it is supposed to be a trophy for the spectacular and harmonic new Bye-Fu ending:
    .-: /-.
    | (|:. #1 |) |
    ‘-|:. |-‘
    ::. /
    ‘::. .’
    ) (
    _.’ ‘._

    • AgentSidra

      Clapping for the effort, though!

  • Zack Olson

    I like the new feature. Negative Keywords do save money and are important when running adwords campaigns. We’ve seen clients spend thousands of dollars on keywords that have nothing to do with their target customer.

    • AgentSidra

      It doesn’t help that Google keeps tweaking its matching rules, either. Advertisers should ultimately determine intent and the best ad copy and landing pages to match it. I’m glad we have negative match settings to help.