SpyFew – Episode 7: About Us!



You want the best SEO tool and top advice for AdWords?  It all starts with the team behind the site!  Take a quick tour of the SpyFu office, and see what we do here to help all of you out there.

If you’d like to know some of the key differences between SpyFu and similar websites, click here for another video.

Video Transcript:

Taking care of you guys is a huge deal to us.  Because you can’t spell SpyFu without U.  

…or Spyf.


In this video I wanted to show you a little bit about us, and what we’re doing to make sure we’re doing right by you.

You may have even heard our motto (show “not dicks” clip from the cancellation policy video)

That clip was from the CEO in 2010, and we stand by it today.  Right Mike??

And we mean it.  Sometimes that means getting your better data and more research tools at no extra charge, but we like to go a little beyond that.

We do all of our customer service in house which means when you livechat Danielle over there, she walks to the developers of the site over over here and asks them what’s up!  This way your problems get fixed faster without any red tape.

Or if you want a personalized demo you’ll generally talk to Jeff, who’s right here!  Hi Jeff!

This is why it’s so easy to connect with us with questions, even if you want to cancel!  Because we’re all right here in our office in Scottsdale, Arizona.  

And yes, our office right now is filled with tiny pods on wheels, because pretending you’re in an ice fishing house all day while at work is just good for morale.

*insider tip*

We are currently expanding our customer service to cover more hours of the day, so we can get to your questions when you have them.  Also, as of when this video was made, we haven’t filled that position.  So if you want to be part of the team go to SpyFu.com/jobs

(add link https://www.spyfu.com/jobs#op-135866-customer-success-advocate-east-coast-hours)

To add that extra personal touch, I’ve decided that I’m going to end every episode with a song, so don’t fade out quite yet…

Don’t do it.


*fade to black/logo*

  • http://www.linkcaffeine.com/ Darren Davis

    LOL! Video was great and cracked me up. Really cool to see the facility and team.

    • AgentSidra

      Yeah! Glad you liked it, Darren!