SpyFew Video Series – SpyFu

This is a series of quick tips and tricks.  Both for SpyFu and SEM marketing in general.

Or check out a more standard tour of SpyFu and get rolling with your SEO and PPC campaigns right away.


Video Scripts:

Episode 01 – Building Keyword Groups


Often times around the office we find a cool trick either in SpyFu or in google and we want to tell you guys about it,


 but also only take a few minutes of your time.


This is a new series called SpyFew!  Cue intro!




This quick video will show how to set up groups of targeted keywords in MySpyFu in under a few minutes.


MySpyFu is one of the newer SpyFu features,


there are several in-depth tutorials on it which I’ll put in the description and link to right here.


But this is a technique that I only mention briefly in those videos, but we’ve found handy for our campaigns.


I’m going to start a new project, import SpyFu’s suggestions, and there we go.


Now I’m going to slide this back in and head to Keyword Groups using the same domain.  


This automatically finds all of this domain’s keywords and groups them for you.

You can pull this entire structure, the group and all of it’s keywords, into MySpyFu just by clicking this button.  


So absurdly easy.


Insider Tip-

We’re considering adding this feature directly into MySpyFu, so you can basically press a button and we’ll import all of these groups for you.  


We haven’t ironed out the details yet, but… is this something you even want??  Let us know if this idea sounds cool to you in the comments.


Episode 02 – PPC Negative Match

(in Adwords Advisor, maybe Kombat – there’s a testimonial about this.)


SpyFu is known for telling you what keywords you should target to write content on and build ads around.


But we also tell you which keywords suck.

And this might be even more valuable to you.




Google loves spending your money on broad matched terms that you don’t even want.  

And sometimes even if they’re keywords you THINK you want, we know if your biggest competitors are steering away from them.


Negative matching keywords out of your Adwords campaigns can save you oodles of money every month.  


But finding these little buggers can be almost impossible to do on your own, even by scouring your AdWords account.


The two best ways of finding these keywords is through Adwords Advisor, and SpyFu Kombat.


The Adwords advisor will just straight tell you what keywords you should stop spending money on.  The repOrt has even shown us keywords in our own campaigns that we didn’t mean to buy.  Which made us equally annoyed at our campaign, but really happy about the Adwords advisor


When you enter your domain and two biggest competitors Into SpyFu Kombat you usually focus on the overlaps.  But the section that we tend to forget is right here, the keywords you’re buying but your competitors don’t.  A lot of these are probably going to variations of your brand name, but some of these keywords might be hindering your campaign.


Some of them might have nothing to do with your site.  Negative match them out.


We’re putting together an interactive Adwords Advisor report so you can get helpful PPC advice on the fly, but we haven’t included the Negative Match feature, at least not yet.  So let us know if this is something you guys find valuable in the comments below.


(make this corny or epic)


Episode 03 – Where to Start


One of the biggest questions that we get is, how do I start using SpyFu?  This video will give you pointers on exactly that.


Maybe this should’ve been episode one…




We totally get it, the site is vast and full of data.  If you’re a hands on learner, the best place to start is by entering a competitor’s domain into the search, and then click on the info you find the most interesting.


For everyone else, we provide a lot of resources for learning and getting started and it’s stored under our tutorials link.


This page is made for people who are just starting out, and people who want to dig into different tools and features.


Some people like to watch a video explaining things

Some like to read an article and follow along.

Some of you learn better when you talk with a person.


This page provides all of that.


After you get the basics of SpyFu and want to learn more, scroll down to our step by step guides on things like gathering keywords, setting up an Adwords account, even starting a marketing campaign.


Keep scrolling down and you’ll get info about specific tools, and common questions with their quick solutions.


We’re constantly adding new content to help you out, but if you can think of something specific you’d like a video or article on, put it in the comments below!


Episode 04 – The Footer


Hi, this is Patrick from SpyFu.com and this is SpyFew!




Today’s video is talking about the footer




Honestly we put some cool stuff in the footer, that no-one notices because… well, it’s the footer.  Who looks at a footer?


The first thing is when we last updated our data.  We do our absolute best to get new data as early in the month as possible, with still having it be top quality.  So if you’re someone who only checks us once a month and you want to know if the new data is out or not, there you go!


We have your standard stuff like contact us, and the SpyFu store

Where I got this cool t-shirt because someone told me it would make my eyes pop (*sparkles*)


But here’s something special for you current members, our Member perks.  These are huge discounts on subscriptions to other internet marketing sites.  Simply login with your SpyFu membership, click on get the deal, and you’ll unlock the promotion!


The consulting link leads you to Internet Marketing Ninjas, they’ll help you set up and manage your SEO campaigns.  We don’t do consulting here, but we do highly recommend these guys, we even use their coffee mugs here.


We’re pretty much always looking for talented people to join our team so we post our job openings right here.  If one of these look like they fit you, feel free to apply, this is a pretty awesome place to work… as you can tell by my silly hat.  And this 10 second montage.


Finally, you might have not even known that SpyFu has an API.  In which case you’ll be surprised to hear that we actually have three!  If you need to make thousands or even millions of queries on our site, let the APIs do the work for you.  This page will give you the details on what tapping into our APIs can do for your site.


Check these links out for yourself, hopefully you find something helpful for you!  Is there any feature you’d like me to make a longer video about?  Let me know in the comments!


Episode 05 – Keyword Group Tracking

(location potential – a “What is This” button on Keyword groups in MSF)

Some of our members might be noticing something a bit different lately.

New weekly keyword group tracking in MySpyFu!




A lot of people already know and love the weekly tracking that we provide in MySpyFu for the different keywords in your group.  But NOW we’ve made it so you can get a rollup of how those keywords are performing as a whole.  


Just open up the My SpyFu slider, open up one of your campaigns, and click on groups.  Press on these down arrows to get can get a quick view of these rollups.  If you click through you’ll get an even more detailed version for both your SEO and PPC performance.


This also lets you know at a glance, which keywords are gaining SEO traction, and which ones are getting impressions on PPC.


And if you’re ranks are moving up on the SEO end, maybe it’s time to cut back PPC spend on that group.  If your average ad positions move up, and your ranks tank, maybe it’s time to focus more on adwords for that group.


I don’t know you guys are the pros, I just make videos all day… it’s awesome.


In true SpyFu fashion we let you export this data to a PDF, to either show to your team, a client, or hang on the refrigerator.  


What’s more, is you don’t have to do squat.  It’s already in there and will work with your existing campaigns.  For brand new groups, it might take some time to gather the data you want, but give it a couple of weeks and you’ll see how you’re groups are trending.


This is a feature you guys asked for, so we really hope you like it.  If there’s anything else you think could be useful in the MySpyFu project manager, let us know in the comments!


All of this exciting news has made me a bit hungry.


(cut to scene of opening and closing company fridge covered in PDF export printouts.)



Episode 06 – Data Accuracy


Here at SpyFu we love data.  Getting you the most accurate info on what your competitors are up to is our number one priority.


Also our passion.


That’s why we take our information directly from google, either their keyword planner or the SERP itself, to find our information.  For better or worse.




Most of the information on SpyFu is taken directly from a search engine result page, which is what the searcher is going to see anyway, so that data is a cold hard fact.  This is especially helpful when you’re broad matching on a keyword in Adwords and not even realizing it.  


When it comes to things like estimated ad budget, we know we’re not always perfect, but there’s a trick to it getting those numbers really close, and you hold the key.


If you’re looking up a direct competitor, and their budget numbers look a little fishy, check out your own domain on SpyFu.  Let’s say our estimate is about half of what you actually spend, then the competitor’s budget will be about half too.  It’s just that simple.


This is because we’re getting faulty information from Google’s keyword planner. Not a huge deal when Google’s numbers are off for one single keyword, but when you stack up thousands of keywords, thousands of little mistakes can really skew our estimates.


But again, if you are also bidding on those same keywords, you have a cheat sheet of how far the overall numbers are off.


We realize this trick is a little ‘hacky’, and we try and improve the raw estimates as much as possible, but for now this is the best thing we can do.


Beyond hacking into everyone’s adwords accounts.

Which would be as fun as it would be illegal.  


Honestly, we don’t have a LOT of “estimates” on our site.  We much rather provide you with accurate keyword and backlinks data so you know exactly what your competition is up to.  But we know how valuable it is for you guys to see things like estimated budgets, and we want to put the power in your hands.


Episode 06 – About us!

(maybe film this one with an iphone??)

(location potential – about us section)


Taking care of you guys is a huge deal to us.  Because you can’t spell SpyFu without U.  


…or Spyf.




In this video I wanted to show you a little bit about us, and what we’re doing to make sure we’re doing right by you.


You may have even heard our motto (show “not dicks” clip from the cancellation policy video)

That clip was from the CEO in 2010, and we stand by it today.  Right Mike??


And we mean it.  Sometimes that means getting your better data and more research tools at no extra charge, but we like to go a little beyond that.


We do all of our customer service in house which means when you livechat Danielle over there, she walks to the developers of the site over over here and asks them what’s up!  This way your problems get fixed faster without any red tape.


Or if you want a personalized demo you’ll generally talk to Jeff, who’s right here!  Hi Jeff!


This is why it’s so easy to connect with us with questions, even if you want to cancel!  Because we’re all right here in our office in Scottsdale, Arizona.  


And yes, our office right now is filled with tiny pods on wheels, because pretending you’re in an ice fishing house all day while at work is just good for morale.


*insider tip*


We are currently expanding our customer service to cover more hours of the day, so we can get to your questions when you have them.  Also, as of when this video was made, we haven’t filled that position.  So if you want to be part of the team go to SpyFu.com/jobs

(add link https://www.spyfu.com/jobs#op-135866-customer-success-advocate-east-coast-hours)


To add that extra personal touch, I’ve decided that I’m going to end every episode with a song, so don’t fade out quite yet…


Don’t do it.




*fade to black/logo*


Episode 08 – Interactive AdWords Advisor


We’ve just condensed everything that we know about profitable keywords and ad buying into one single tool.


Where you type in your domain, we tell you what keywords to buy,

it’s the most powerful thing we’ve ever built

And it’s a

PPC Dream Come Trueeeeeeee




Introducing the Interactive Adwords Advisor.  Just go to the Adwords Advisor tab underneath PPC research, and type in your domain.


These are the keywords you should buy.  Just like that.  


Days of research time have been officially reduced to a few seconds.  You can filter this list, and export it with all of the keyword details and your potential impressions and clicks.  


How does this work?  And why are we so pumped about it.


*behind the scenes!*


We sift through the history of your top 5 competitors, what keywords they bought, are still buying, and the ones they’ve given up on.  From this research we find the most consistent keyword overlaps in their ad buying patterns. We make sure that you aren’t already buying these keywords and then check the potential clicks and profits that you could make if you did.  


All of this processing only takes a second, and then produces a list of keywords that we feel you should buy, and some you might consider.


This comes from  our base philosophy of ad buying: your competitors will waste money on AdWords.  Everyone does at some point.  But they won’t waste a lot of money over a long period of time.  So if multiple competitors are consistently spending decent money the SAME keywords, those keywords are probably a solid bet for your domain.


You’ve probably done this manually with spreadsheets or even with SpyFu tools like Kombat.  We simply took all of those manual steps of comparing overlapping keywords, automated it, and put buy recommendations on it.


If the keyword results you get back don’t seem quite right, you can change the competitors which will give you a new list of suggestions based on their successes.  You can even forgo competitors domains all together and just enter in a list of keywords you’d like the results to focus on.  


SpyFu members have infinite exports at no extra charge.  


AND these keywords can be added to your MySpyFu project manager, in case you want to keep an eye on their weekly performance.


We’ve also included the Adwords Advisor on the overview pages, so you can see our recommendations when you’re doing your general research.


From our perspective this feels like 10 plus years of ppc research and development finally reaching it’s ideal pinnacle, in terms of simplicity and actionability. If you can think of things to add or improve on the Interactive AdWords Advisor let us know in the comments below.


*adlib outro*


Mikes notes: up the “many of your competitors” – “consistently for a long time” – “spending money” message of the video.  We take that science that you could do in a spreadsheet, and sift it and put a buy recommendation on it.  You can look at all the numbers you want, but based on everything we learned and all that we know this is going to work for you.


Manually doing this for several competitors takes days to do, and we’ll do it in an instant.


This tool is the single most actionable tool we have on the website.  The pinnacle of everything we’ve done on the PPC side.


Maybe talk about the AdWords advisor report and how we built it to be the best thing we ever built.  Now let’s make it 1,000 times faster and that’s what we




Episode 9 – What sets SpyFu apart? (maybe add this to the “about us” page?)


We frequently get asked what makes SpyFu different than other websites.  


Version 1:

Sure we might be the longest running, lowest priced, best t-shirtest platform out there, but what does that mean for you?


Version 2:

Beyond the fact that we’re the original competitive intelligence platform, and the ONLY one to fully produce a christmas musical (other options would be segway jousting, harry potter spoof, ping pong championship).  There’s so much more.




Google isn’t allowed to tell you the details of what your competitors are doing, and which keywords they rely on over others.  Which is why SpyFu and other sites gather that data for you.  


There’s a lot of things that set SpyFu apart, but let’s focus on the big 3.


  1. Unlimited searches, exports, and reports.
    1. When you pay for a SpyFu membership we feel like we shouldn’t limit your searches or exports, you paid for data, you’re gonna get data.  

      A lot of other sites will cap the amount of exporting you can do, which makes sense, the data is valuable.  Which is exactly why we let you export as much as you want for no additional charge.  

      You want to pump out 100 csvs and pdfs of these keyword results??  Do you want to do it every day until the world ends? Go for it!


  1. Historical Data.
    1. SpyFu has been collecting data since 2007, and after doing this every month, we’ve amassed a treasure trove that you can tap into.  Often we can see the first ad a company ever wrote (use groupon or blue apron as an example), and how they’ve evolved their campaigns to be successful today!  

      Or you can just look at their most recent content and ads if you simply want to see the current trends.
  2. Adding keywords to our database.  
    1. Getting your brand name and other obscure keywords that deal with your niche is important to get in our database on day one.  Often times this isn’t a dozen keywords, but hundreds or thousands of new keywords and variations.  We allow all of our members to add 10,000 new keywords every day for no extra charge


We also make an effort to stay connected with you guys.  Our customer service is in house, and we talk about your feedback daily.  We even make cancelling easy because we all hate being nickel and dimed, why would we do that to you?


That’s the basic stuff.  But the real difference is our SICK BEATS!!!

(patrick attempts beat boxing and then kind of begs for the “palootie-drop” outro)


(other options: our CRAZY PARTIES!!!)  


SpyFew Episode 10: Backlinks

(gritty – old westerny?? Hat on, old jacket, Cigarette in mouth)

SEO ain’t just about content anymore.

It’s about creating connections.

It’s about building those blasted backlinks.

It’s about…

You know what, not everything needs a gritty reboot right??  Also, this is bubble gum.




This video is about backlinks, why they’re important, and how SpyFu is doing its best to make backlink building easy for you.


I just made a video going over all the features of our backlinks tab, if you’d like to watch it I’ll link to it at the end of the video, and also right here (*ding!*)

Learning how to use the tool is great, but I wanted to explain why we made our tool the way we did.  


  1. Safety First

A lot of backlink software will run a full backlink scrape on a domain, giving you suggestions on which backlinks might be high risk.  Why chance that?  We’ve seen too many good people get slammed by google because they unknowingly got links from spammy, blackhat sites buried in the depths of the web.  We eliminated this problem by only displaying pages that are already ranked in Google – basically those that already have Google’s seal of approval.  There are zero risky backlinks on our site,


  1. Keywords

Bottom line, you’re seeking good backlinks to improve your SEO.  You want to improve your SEO presence to rank higher on keywords.  So why not START with the keywords?  That’s why we allow you to either filter by keyword, if you’re looking at a competitor’s domain.  Or straight up find all the backlinks that are helping people rank on specific keywords.


  1. Passive aggressive friendship

We’re not supposed to talk about this step.  Nobody talks about this step!!!  We can provide the best links and the contact info for them, but you have to do the reaching out part.  DMs and cold calls can work, but there’s a cleverer way to get your content seen on a larger scale.  

Take the contacts that you’ve found in SpyFu and import them into facebook and twitter as a custom audience.  When you write a piece of content you think will spark their attention, just promote it to that audience.  It’s a cheap, efficient way to make sure they see your stuff at regular intervals.  Setting up the groundwork for a mutually beneficial connection.


Our backlink builder is unique in the field, and I wanted to let you know why we did what we did!  We built it to help you guys, so if there’s anything else you can think of to improve it, let us know in the comments.


(Outro bit about gum?)