What Does SpyFu Do?: Keyword Tools, SEO Software, and AdWords Software All-In-One

When you build Adwords campaigns or construct an SEO strategy, keyword tools become a crucial part of your efforts.

SpyFu goes far beyond just keyword or domain statistics.  Use the full set of SpyFu resources to layer your research with richer insights.

Moving in and out of SpyFu’s keyword tools like Keyword SmartSearch and Ad History lets you build on your findings and gut-check your decisions.  After you discover a compelling keyword, we’ll help you find out what other advertisers ran into after they tried it.     Or, take the top advertisers on a keyword from Domain Ad History and discover the rest of their shared terms in Kombat.

  • Thinking of ad copy?  Start with Ad History to see the winning phrases over time.
  • Fast track to solid keywords?  Let your competitors serve up their best shared ideas in Kombat.
  • Keyword SmartSearch generates keyword lists built around your budget and competitive needs.