SpyFu’s term page adds new stats that help you improve your campaign

The updated SpyFu term results page introduces metrics specifically created to help you improve your keyword ranking strategy.

Screenshot of term page

SpyFu has shown the “SEO value” of a keyword as a way to measure how important it would be to rank on it. Now we have one more important factor in prioritizing your SEO efforts. Ranking Difficulty measures how difficult it would be to rank on it:

Should I go for that keyword? Now you will know if it will be worth the effort and how much workit will take to have a presence in those search results.

In the coming weeks, we’ll explain what goes into determining Ranking Difficulty. And if you love wonky details, we’ll put it all out there. You can see the exquisitely detailed methodology we used to create it.

This metric joins a list of helpful additions to the SpyFu term results page, available to you now. When you type a keyword into the search bar at SpyFu.com, you’ll see clues from other domains that already rank. These clues help you pull the actual signals out of the noise. For example, if having the keyword in the title makes a difference in how domains rank on this keyword, you’ll be able to spot that with this new version.

For this new page, we packaged together data that you’d need if you were making a decision about buying this keyword (PPC), trying to rank on this keyword (SEO), or looking for the most profitable way to expand on related terms.  The updated page makes room for new helpful stats like “click-through rate” and “social domains” without losing the robust “cost per click” and “search volume” details you rely on.

You will find “profitable related keywords” front and center. By looking at strong competitors in this niche and their most trusted keywords over time, we can suggest similar keywords here that we found to be profitable for your competition.

That’s just a sample of what’s new. Watch for videos and more in the upcoming weeks that help make sure that you find everything we’ve poured into the new page, including the just-added Organic Search Ranking Analysis.