Start your Adwords Advisor report the right way for refined results

At the start of the AdWords Advisor report wizard, one step that makes a big difference in the advice that you get.

Choose competitors or enter keywords to start your adwords advisor report

First, some background.

The Adwords Advisor is a collection of our best recommendations for your PPC campaign.  All you need to get started is your domain name.  You get keyword suggestions that are meant to expand your reach to the right audience, especially when combined with our suggested match types listed in the report.

AdWords Advisor Great Buy

Every recommendation starts with the competitive activity in your market.  We look at what your competitors are buying. Remember, having multiple competitors on the same keywords is significant.  Think of it like the Farmer’s market.  The crowd huddled around one booth down the aisle catches your attention.  You can figure out pretty easily that their heirloom tomatoes are worth taking home.

And here’s where it matters:

With every report, we’ll suggest a group of competitors. You can simply click the “next” button in the wizard to use what we found, or you can edit any of the domains before moving on. Your other option is to select the keyword route instead. We’ll see who’s buying those keywords, and we’ll scour those domains for their best keywords and ads that you might have missed.

Choosing “competitors” or “keywords” delivers results in the final report that align with your goals.

Choose Competitors

Main goal: Find your competitors’ profitable keywords that you don’t already buy.

Why to go this route: Focusing on competitors helps you reach the same audience they do. It means that you’re not letting them pull away from you into untouched territory.  Where they appear, you’re not far behind. They can’t dominate the market without a fight.

You can start with the domain names that we list in the wizard, or you can override our suggestions with your own.

Enter Keywords

Main goal: Find the best keyword ideas related to a particular niche.

Why go this route: Sometimes it makes more sense to describe the category or niche you’re trying to target.  If the actual competitors themselves aren’t your focus, this is a better option.  Tell us the keywords you want to build around. 

This doesn’t mean that we’re making you take a stab at keywords that you think you should add. Instead, focus on keywords that make sense with where your brand should be going. Maybe these are keywords you already have in your AdWords campaign or some that you target organically. They could even be keywords you definitely want to add.  We’ll help by rating some related terms.  Here’s how.

We will find domains that advertise consistently on these keywords and use them as our starting point.  Then, we use those domains to come up with keyword suggestions instead of following the sites that happen to compete with you on your existing terms.

Example Setup

Step 1 - Enter Domain

Sephora offers a diverse selection of beauty products, so they make a great example.  If you were to start an AdWords Advisor report for them and choose competitors, you can see the cosmetics-heavy pull amongst their competitors.  This is a solid approach for guarding against other domains in their general market.

Step 2- Enter Competition

But let’s say you wanted to concentrate on perfume and fragrance-related keywords. By giving us that preference at the start, you can dictate the category.  We’ll find domains that advertise on these keywords and similar terms to point you in the right direction.

Step 2 - Enter Keywords

A Word on our Ratings

The report itself includes our suggestions along with ratings like “Great Buy and “Good Buy.”

These ratings help you weigh the strength of each recommendation. They are ranked by competitor activity and the potential for strong ROI. Our full scale is:

  • Great buy
  • Good buy
  • Buy
  • Consider

Though “consider” is a cautious endorsement, it should not be seen as “don’t buy.” We mark “don’t buy” keywords as negative match recommendations.

***No matter what you choose, the final report includes our best keyword and match type recommendations.  You get the same report format that will look identical, but the actual keywords listed will be different. Your choice focuses your results.