Take this B2B Relationship Slowly. Start Here.

Starting a B2B relationship is just like personal ones. An out-of-the-blue phone call can be too direct. It feels cold.

Sure, there’s a place for it (more on that in the next post), and some people can rock a phone call.

Even if you have that superpower, you can sense situations where it’s more appropriate to ease into the relationship with another site or business. This is your first impression, after all. If you’re trying to get to a sale or a partnership we say, try reaching out slowly. Comment on their blog, or try opening the conversation on Facebook. Once you start talking there, the brief exchanges erase that big “who?” when you’re asking them to give your product a trial run.

Plus, before you connect with another company, it’s worth it to check out their page for a better idea of who they are. What do they share and how do they respond to their community?

SpyFu Lead filter by facebook contact optionIt’s simple to find. When you run searches for B2B leads through SpyFu Top Lists, you can filter your settings so that every result includes it, or you can just skim and spot the icons.