Target your competitor’s backlinks that rank on specific keywords

Get your competitors’ backlinks, but narrow down your search to just the ones that rank on the keywords you’re after.

Your competitor gets a lot of inbound links, so cut right to the ones that improve your niche rankings.

Filtering by a keyword helps you find backlinks that point to your competitor — from pages that also rank on the keyword themselves. Google considers these pages authorities on that specific keyword and similar keywords. If you can get those pages to send you link juice, there is no better way to increase your rank on those terms.

Clear direction like that saves you from hours of chasing mediocre links that don’t offer much return.


More tips like this to come. SpyFu’s new backlinks tool will be built into’s power set of search marketing tools. It’s coming soon.

Video Transcript:

Find the backlinks that already rank on the keyword you’re targeting.
When you enter a competitor’s domain into SpyFu and click on the backlinks tab, we allow you to drill down even further by filtering by keyword.
This allows you to see specific URLs that are already ranking on this keyword, or similar keywords, and that contain backlinks to this domain.
This allows you to cut straight to the backlinks that are most valuable for your competition, so you can snag them for yourself.