The Tech they use Tells you how to Approach B2B Companies

There’s an interesting addition we made to Leads that gets a lot of questions. Why would I search by their technologies?

We’ve been saying that having the right details can help you adjust your pitch. This gives you a chance to target companies on what they use (or don’t). Like other criteria in Leads, it qualifies your leads up front. Specifically, you learn what platforms or vendors they already use on their site. Take it further, and you can decide what that says about their sophistication.

It’s important to understand who you are dealing with, and reading the About Us section on their website isn’t always a clear way to do it.

However, if you know that Acme Widgets uses ad retargeting, you get to leap over that discovery part of the interview. That allows you to shift into a conversation about reaching customers familiar with their product instead of spending that valuable time two steps behind trying to get a sense of what they’re willing to try with ads.

Technologies that companies use tell a considerable bit more of the story. Look at You can tell they’re a credit union from their keywords, but you might not have known they were using Omniture. It is an indication that they are spending money on analytics. That they have a level of sophistication that not every mom-and-pop credit union has. Instead of the lengthy preamble, just start talking about targeting or AB testing, and you know that they’ll be receptive.

Spyfu Organic keywords for Desert Schools Federal Credit Union

These are strong examples of building “targeted” leads. If you want an audience with certain experiences or habits, this acts as an up-front qualifier. Then, don’t forget about layering these filters together. Consider finding businesses that use Yoast plugins but don’t have SEO traction. Set those filters and get a targeted group for just pennies.

SpyFu top lists refine lists by technology yoast plugins

Notice that once you target by technology, you can refine it further within that category. The Retargeting category breaks into specific tools/resources like Adroll, Chango, Simplify, Ad Ready, Exit Junction and a bunch of other oddly named retargeting businesses. (Says SpyFu.)

We show you whether or not they have a blog. If you want to interact with them, comment on their blog. It starts warming the lead and the interaction opens your eyes to info about them you might not have learned. See what forms their perspective. Understand their point of view. No matter if your intent is sales or a asking for shared links, you’re starting a conversation and trying to build a relationship. Having this info helps remove roadblocks for you.

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