RECON Files White Label Customization: Hide Sections, Show Most Relevant Topics

Mr. Moneybags, your client’s boss, loves to be kept in the loop.  To an extent.  Anything beyond high-level sexy results, and he’s muttering something about “don’t even know how this works, grumble-grumble.”

Cue the templates.

With every Recon Files report, you can customize the content and length to fit your audience. This joins the design and white-labeling options (updating color, theme and logo) as one of your tools to create dazzling and unique presentations. Depending on whom you’re targeting, choose to hide sections that might not be relevant to them. Leave out keywords that detract from your presentation.That filter goes a long way to keep you in control of how your SEO results are perceived.

When you choose your competitors, you set that once for each report.  However, when you adjust the appearance of the report, you can customize it as often as you’d like. So what you show to Mr. Moneybags might be one version while the Digital Marketing Manager gets another. You can also insert your own summary at the beginning of the report.

Preset Selections

We want this to be easy for you. Your Recon Files account comes pre-loaded with report content “templates.” It’s your section-selection shortcut.

Pick from these template descriptions for one that fits your audience profile best:


Full report view with all sections displayed.

This collection lists your accomplishments, assigns measurable value to the results and directs a path to future business and retention.


Best for briefings, this is the “30,000 Foot View.” It removes expanded detail sections to funnel attention to key performance summaries.


Optimized for new business. The displayed sections drive urgency and interest by showing summaries and detail of the opportunity you can reach for a new client.

Allows you to advise “here is where you are now, and here is where I can take you.”


Make the most of growth you created for new clients. This setting emphasizes summaries and details of what the SEO has accomplished. Good for those with limited SEO budgets or for SEO managers in the early stages of a business relationship.


Turn to this setting for account planning sessions. When you strategize with you client about upcoming projects, focus on areas of existing strength in order to pursue the strongest opportunities.

How do you get there?

  1. Choose “settings” for the specific report in the list.
  2. Scroll down to the content section.
Report Selection

Keyword by Keyword Filtering

Should your keywords cause you embarrassment (or be—at best—distracting), you can filter them from the report. Consider it line-item veto power.

In most cases, these are misspellings or mismatches you don’t want in your line of sight. Think “leggo” for or a discontinued item on

Keyword Filtering

To get there, repeat the path you took to choose an automatic template.

  1. Choose “settings” for the specific report in the list.
  2. Scroll down to the content section.
  3. Add keywords to the filter list.
  4. You can “preview” here, then scroll down to the bottom to save.

Section-by-section hiding

If you’d rather hand-pick what you hide, opt for the “hide this section” option.

From the list of reports on your Recon Files home page, choose the “customize” option for a specific report, then “add or remove sections.”

Add and Remove Sections
  1. In this example, scroll to the first page (Total Organic Clicks & Total Value of Organic Clicks)
  2. Look for this command:
Hide Section

Just One Last Step

Finish with Preview and Publish. Remember to click “publish” and you’re done.

Now, go wow the pants off Moneybags.