Tips to Manage Your Properties in Nacho Analytics

Everything is pretty straight forward in Google Analytics. When you set up a property, you have to follow only a few easy steps. However, if you take some additional steps, it can give you a better system from the start.

To get the most out of your views into other websites’ analytics, use these tips when you set up your properties.

In this video, Brian shares some helpful best practices for working with subdomains, different views, and even a special trick with larger sites.

Most of these are settings that you can update after the fact in your Google Analytics admin section.

Traffic Multiplier Tip

This is a simple but powerful tip. If you set up a view for a large site (like Walmart), your count numbers might need to be multiplied by 10 or 100. We will alert you if that’s the case.

This doesn’t apply to all websites, so you might need help remembering that when you open the site’s analytics. As Brian suggests in the video, add “x 10” or “x 100” to the property’s name so you can easily keep track of which sites need it.

property settings property multiplier

Create Multiple Views

Rename your “all website data” view to Raw Data. Leave it alone. That’s your original.

Create another view that you can further filter. This helps manage your subdomain views.

In certain situations where you have multiple subdomains for a website, all of the homepages look the same to Google Analytics. Here’s a fix. You can set up a filter to include only data from a certain hostname. Make that a single view and rename it for easy reference.