Top SEO Bloggers

These are the people behind the best SEO blogs on the planet.  You’ll find these people guest writing in other “mega blogs” or trade publications.  But, these are their own personal SEO blogs.  In order to qualify, they need to be a rockstar SEO blogger AND have a blog that they *alone* write the content for.   To build this list, I combed through my list of the Top 70 SEO Blogs and I plucked out the ones that are written by just one blogger.

Top 42 SEO Bloggers

Rank Blogger Blog Twitter SEO RECON Files Report
1 Patrick Altoft
2 Barry Schwartz
3 A.J. Kohn
4 Hugo Guzman
5 Dave Naylor
6 Ross Hudgens
7 Tamar Weinberg
8 Matthew Diehl
9 Mark Thompson
10 Adam Sherk
11 Michael Martinez
12 Todd Malicoat
13 Avinash Kaushik
14 Dave Perris
15 Bryan Eisenberg
16 Jay Baer
17 Jack Humphrey
18 Rae Hoffman-Dolan
19 Byron White
20 Matt McGee
21 Mike Corak
22 Chris Sietsema
23 Pete Young
24 Manoj Jasra
25 Andy Beard
26 Andy Beal
27 Kenny Hyder
28 Chris Brogan
29 Vladimir Prelovac
30 Kimberly Krause Berg
31 Alan Bleiweiss
32 Nick Stamoulis
33 Brian Ussery
34 Bill Slawski
35 Eric Enge
36 Gil Reich
37 Navneet Kausha
38 Dean Cruddace
39 Tony Verre
40 Ross Dunn
41 Darren Slatten
42 Claire Carlile
43 Marko Saric

Honorable mentions:  Okay, this list is really for solo SEO bloggers.  That is, they are exclusive voice of their blog.  But, any list of top SEO bloggers that doesn’t include Aaron Wall @aaronwall of SEOBook and Rand Fishkin @randfish of SEOMoz just doesn’t look right.  These guys are supreme pioneers and luminaries of SEO.  They aren’t on the list because their blogs have many writers – it’s just a rule for this list.  But, they are number 1 and number 2 on the Top SEO Blogs list.

Also, Michael Gray @graywolf of really kind of hates lists otherwise he’d be here too.

Congratulations, SEO rockstars.  If I missed you, I’m sorry.  Let me know.