Top SEO Blogs

These are the Best SEO Blogs on the planet.  I used several subjective and objective factors to prune and rank this list. You can read about them here.  If you are interested, I also compiled a list of the Top SEO Trade Publications,  the Top 42 SEO Bloggers, and the Most Popular SEO Blogs.

Top 70 SEO Blogs

Rank Blog Twitter US Visitors/Mo ( SEO RECON Files Report
1 ~16.5k
2 ~18k
3 ~86.2k
4 ~53k
5 ~34k
6 ~30k
7 ~33k
8 ~5.6k
9 ~13k
10 ~10.7k
11 ~13k
12 ~51k
13 ~34k
14 ~25k
15 ~2.4k
16 ~2.6k
17 ~95k
18 ~35.5k
19 ~26k
20 ~2.4k
21 ~15k
22 ~76k
23 ~6.6k
24 ~60k
25 ~1.8k
26 ~1.7k
27 ~40k
28 ~29k
29 ~16k
30 ~23k
31 ~2.9k
32 ~26.4k
33 ~3k
34 ~23k
35 ~26k
35 ~6.6k
36 ~2k
38 ~14k
39 ~0.2k
40 ~118k
41 ~0.75k
42 ~9.8k
43 ~14k
44 ~13k
45 ~20k
46 ~23k
47 ~77k
48 ~0.67k
49 ~5k
50 ~152k
51 ~126k
52 ~8k
53 ~1.4k
54 ~42k
55 ~4.2k
56 ~5k
57 ~5.6k
58 ~27k
59 ~3.2k
60 ~26k
61 ~19k
62 ~16k
63 ~0.761k
64 ~10.2k
65 ~2.4k
66 ~3.9k
67 ~10.6k
68 ~16k
69 ~0k
70 ~17k

Quick Note:  If this list looks weird without the likes of,,,,,, or, it’s because I’ve given those guys the enviable classification of SEO Trade Publications.  They are ad-driven expo-promoting mega-blogs.  They are awesome, but they’re also a little different than blogs.

Need to Add: @verticalmeasures – great content, definitely top 40 material.  I’ll add them soon.

How I Built This List:

1. I looked at all the other Top SEO Blog lists on the web, including Invesp’s, SEOMoz’s, TopRank’s, and Alltop’s. I also added several mentioned in other blogs. Then I merged everything into a big spreadsheet. I started out with about 140 blogs and trade publications.

2. Then, I started trimming. I visited every single site and looked to see if it was still alive, and whether or not it was really about SEO. It turns out, a lot of them *used* to have something to do with SEO like 8 years ago, but were inactive or off subject now. A good deal more were really more about social media, PPC, or general internet marketing. Most of those were eliminated. I plan to build another list at some point, but this is a list of blogs that are pure SEO blogs.

3. I also removed 7 sites that I consider to be trade publications. These are blogs. They are not necessarily published by a single blogger, but they have characteristics that differentiated them from trade pubs.

How I Ranked This List:

1. I started with the average rank from the other lists referenced above.

2. I revisited each site, this time taking the time to read 2 or 3 articles in their entirety. I gave each blog a subjective content rating based on my assessment of how deep it dug into a subject. I have a strong preference for a numbers-driven, scientific approach. I also preferred original content (read: stuff I didn’t know). Based on this subjective rating, I bumped blogs up or down from their original position; sometimes as many as 20 slots.

3. I pulled and numbers for each of the blog’s domains. High traffic sites moved up in ranks, low traffic sites moved down; sometimes by as many as 10 slots.

That’s it. That’s how I got here. These are, in my opinion the Best SEO Blogs anywhere.