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By design, the first thing you see after you search a domain in SpyFu is a user-friendly page that you can glance at or dive into. You set the pace: get a lot of information in a quick summary, or dive in to scrutinize details where you want to learn a whole lot more.

There’s a similar approach in this video. See that video time? It’s long. It’s lonnnnng. But watch what we did here. You can watch the first few minutes to get the hang of things. Or, stick around and become a pro. We’ll demo some examples of how it works and how you can learn from the results.



Video Transcript:

Welcome to newly redesigned SpyFu!  In this video I’m going to show you how to use the new SpyFu to spy on your biggest competitors and reveal their top strategies for advertising and ranking on Google.


If you’re new to SpyFu, this is going to be the best video to start with, if you’ve used us for a while I’ll show you where your favorite tools are and some new features we think you’ll enjoy.


Best place to start is by entering your competitor’s domain, or a keyword you want to check out, into the search box.  Out of the gate you’ll probably notice the variety of the tabs up top, though I’ll cover the basics of all of them in this video, don’t be afraid to play around with this navigation, there’s a lot of great stuff to explore.


The first tab is going to give you an overview of the domain you typed in, how many keywords they’re ranking on in google, how many keywords they’re buying in Adwords. other things like estimated click value how much they’re using SEO vs. PPC.  All of the base metrics you would want at a glance.


We have a lot to cover in this video, so I’m not going to go into each metric in detail. But if you ever get confused about what something is, you can always just click on one of the tool tips and we’ll give you a more detailed explanation of every box.  These tool tips are all over the site, so hopefully that will help.


Though we tried to keep the most important things near the top, if you scroll down the page you can get an even more detailed spread on how this domain is performing.  Their top competitors in both SEO and PPC, what keywords they have in common with those competitors, they’re top keywords overall. Even they’re advertising history spreading back to 2008, how they’ve been performing organically for that entire time, and finally the websites that are linking to them.


Tons of data, all there to help you spy on your competition.  And that’s just scratching the surface.  You’ll notice that at the bottom of each of these charts there’s a link to view more.  This will give you a more detailed spread about each section.  So, for example, I’m going to click on View All SEO Competitors and voilá!  It brings me to a tab of that focuses solely on this domain’s SEO competition.  You may notice that some of the data is grayed out, that’s because I’m not logged in, so I’m going to go ahead and log in to my account.  Look at how much more data there is now!  I can rule the world with this amount of data!!!


I promise to be a benevolent leader.


For those of you who have used us for a you’ll notice that this looks quite a bit different than what you’re used to.  Since we chose to navigate to SEO competitors, it brought us into the SEO section of the site.  If you don’t do any PPC work, this place is your new home.  You can flip through the different tabs and get valuable SEO data, I’ll go into a little more detail on that in a second, but I also wanted to show you that we do the same for PPC!


Everything you need regarding a competitors ads will be right here, you can flip through the tabs and see things like their adwords history, how they overlap with their competitors in Kombat, even get started with an Adwords Advisor report if you want to get quick recommendations on what keywords you should be buying.


Speaking of keywords, you can type in or click on any keyword, and SpyFu will direct you to keyword research portion of the site.  All of this was redesigned with your workflow in mind, so you can get to the most important data that’s relevant to you, in the least amount of clicks.  And also dig in to any keyword or domain like you’ve never been able to before.


Okay, let’s go back to the organic rankings, the SEO performance, so I can give you a proper tour of how this works.  It looks like is doing fairly well on the SEO end with over 4,000 keywords ranking in the top 50 spots on Google.  They’re moving these keywords up in the ranks at a pretty decent clip.  Getting a bunch of monthly clicks which are valued pretty high.  Teefury is definitely leveraging their SEO game by not buying many keywords and just letting their SEO bring in traffic.


When I click on these charts and expand the timeline to a few years we can easily tell when they came into the space and how they’ve grown since 2010.  Annnnnd how badly Panda 4.0 knocked their keywords down.  If you’re you’re working in SEO, and you see this happen to your clients domain, you can easily explain to that angry client that this happens all the time when google updates their algorithm and show them sites like teefury.  Let them rest assured that with your help you can get those ranks back up in no time.



At a glance you can see how many keywords just made it to the first page of google, these keywords are proof of the fruits of your labor.  It also shows you which ones just fell off, usually you can just beef up your content a bit and get them back onto that highly valuable first page of google results.  Same goes with the “almost there” keywords.


When you click on this little graph it will guide you to the SEO Keywords tab.  This tab gives you a list of keywords TeeFury ranks on organically.  With the same handy filters as you saw on the overview tab, and then some!


I could spend another 15 minutes going over each graph that we have on this page, but I do want to tour a bit of PPC, so I’m going to give you just a quick run-down on what you can gather from the SEO section.


You can observe how your keywords are moving up and down in the ranks, as well as a breakdown of their backlink profile.  We will show you how long we’ve seen them rank on any keyword, and how many keywords they share with their 2 biggest competitors.


All of these sections, are clickable.  So, for example, if I want to see these 269 keywords, I’ll just click here and bam.


We’re in SpyFu Kombat.  Which stacks TeeFury against it’s 2 biggest competitors, in this case, its SEO competitors.  A little later, I’ll explain why you might want to click on that specific section to help your SEO campaign.


With both the SEO overview and the PPC overview, you can start your workflow and dig deeper into the sections of the site that interest you the most.



Let’s talk a little bit about PPC, the Adwords side of things.  It doesn’t look like TeeFury is doing much in terms of ads.  For the years we’ve been tracking them we’ve only seen them advertise on 285 keywords total.  They’re currently only buying 116 keywords, and by the looks of it they’ve topped out at 163 a few months ago.  They did get a lot more clicks during that time, but maybe didn’t find them to be worth the cost and so pulled it back.



When I scroll down, I find the keywords that they are currently buying, not to mention the exact ads that they’re running right now, and that they’ve run in the past.


At first you might want to disregard small numbers like this, but it really speaks volumes to how TeeFury handles it’s online presence.  They let their SEO carry the heavy weight, and their PPC fill in the gaps.  They probably double down on certain popular keywords, as well as protect their brand by advertising on the word “TeeFury”, even though they rank on it organically.  If this was your direct competitor, you have a choice: either follow their lead and let SEO be your driving force or push for more aggressive spending in adwords filling in the additional gaps that this domain has left open.


My advice.  Don’t stop there!  Check out a couple more of this doman’s in this niche and see what they’re doing!  Check this out.  I’m going to click on the competitors tab, which will give me TeeFury’s top PPC competitors.


(needed??) – You’ll notice that, much like TeeFury, a lot of these competitors don’t actually have a lot of PPC keywords  — this will give you a little insight on how we identify direct competitors both for SEO and PPC.  By similar sized domains, with common keywords.  If we did it strictly by how many keywords they have in common with a different site, every domain would have sites like Amazon, eBay, and Walmart as their top competitor.


Though these seem like reasonable competitors, I want to find some with more of a presence on Adwords to figure out if their advertising strategy is similar to that of TeeFury’s.  I’m going to deselect these three and scroll down a bit.  Again, I’m looking for domains with more PPC keywords like: Snorgtees, ThinkGeek, and SlingShotShirts — which I almost didn’t include on this list because I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to pronounce it in the video.


This chart shows, comparatively, their PPC keywords, Clicks, and what we estimate their ad budget to be over the last 5 years.  This is how each of these companies have evolved their PPC profile.


From here, I personally like to lay all of this out in front of me, to see if even the big spenders in this industry are still primarily focused on SEO.  I’m going to hover over the domains themselves and then right click and select open in a new tab, or just control click (command click for you mac users.)  When you click on a domain, it automatically opens the domain overview tab, our basic starting point, for each of these sites, let’s check em out.


Teefury is at 98% organic, which we knew.

Busted tees is also at 98% organic.

Snorgtees is trying to corner the PPC market by only focusing 38% on SEO

Thinkgeek is at 95% organic, even though they do a ton in PPC

And SlingShotShirts is trying to take a piece of that pie, by only focusing 15% on organic, leaving 85% on the paid side.


This is where SpyFu begins to tell you a story.  By finding your competitors, comparing them, and investigating them, you begin to understand how your industry is moving.  You get a strong idea of what seems to work in your niche.


What keywords are successful.  What strategies worked, and which ones people pulled out of.


So let’s go deeper down this rabbit hole and check out the keywords for a bit. SpyFu tracks millions of keywords on Google, we know who’s ranking on them, buying them on Adwords and similar keywords that are profitable for those sites.


You want to know a good place to start finding quality keywords?  There are many ways you can do it in SpyFu, but I like to use Kombat, so we’re going to go back to that core starting keywords section.  I’m going to hover over the SEO Research tab go down to Kombat, and click on core starting keywords, these are the keywords that all of these domains rank on. This is a great place to start for both SEO and PPC, because you get to check out which keywords not one, but 3 of your competitors are actively going after.


I’m going to click on this header to sort by search volume, so that the top keyword will be the one most searched for.  This isn’t always the BEST SEO strategy, but I just want to make sure I pick a keyword that has plenty of data for this video.


geek t shirt.  With 1900 searches a month in the US, a CPC of 44 cents and a ranking difficulty of 52 out of 100.  Not a bad keyword, let’s check it out.


You’ll notice that now we are back in the “Keyword Research” section of the site. Again, any time you click on a keyword or type one into the search box, SpyFu will immediately bring you here so you can optimize your research on that keyword.  Once again, you can flip through these tabs to get a ton of information on this keyword, but I’m going to focus on the overview for now.


Right on top we’re giving you the most valuable info we can for this keyword on both the PPC and SEO end.  Including the monthly searches both in the US and globally.  The clickthrough rate and ranking difficulty.  The broad, phrase and exact match numbers for both CPC and Daily Cost.


How many sites are advertising on this keyword in Adwords, and how many home pages are ranking on in it in SEO.  Finally, if there are any results like news, video or shopping we’ll highlight that icon for you.


Much like in the overviews for a domain you can scroll down and get a full grasp of how this keyword is performing on Google.  First and foremost, what similar keywords people finding profitable, which is another easy way to find a huge list of successful keywords to build a campaign from.


Who is advertising on this keyword, and looky there, TeeFury is at the top of the list, meaning that this is one of the keywords they’re using for both SEO and PPC.  And they’re improving their ad position on it without even changing the copy of the ad. I can tell by looking at their ad position here, and compare it to what version of the ad their on.  Which is still zero, unlike snorgtees which is on their 14th version of their ad and ThinkGeek who is on their 40th!  I told you they do a lot in PPC.


Next is how different domains have been moving up and down in the Organic Ranks for this keyword.  And not only the domain, but the exact page that is ranking on it.  You can even click on it and see how that specific URL is performing.  Rad right??  Going back to the keyword research,


These are the inbound links, the backlinks, that are helping different sites rank on this specific keyword.  More on that in a bit.


Near the bottom we flesh out some of the SEO data, how many domains using this keyword as an actual article title, or putting it in the URL itself.  How diverse are the results for this keyword, even what social results are popping up.


Finally you can see the actual PPC ads that are currently running on this keyword.


Just like in the other overviews you can click on view more at the bottom of any of these charts and we’ll give you even more data.


Now some of you are thinking, “Holy crap, I’m going to have a field day with all of this info!!  There’s sooo much of it!!!!” but some of you are probably thinking, “Holy crap, I’m going to get lost in all of this data!!  There’s too much of it!!”


That’s what happens with millions of keywords, millions of domains and URLs, and years and years of history.  But for you guys in the second group, don’t worry, we have you covered.


SpyFu has a 3 different reports that allow you to simply enter in a domain and we’ll automatically give you advice for that domain.  It’s all of the data that I just showed you wrapped into a comprehensive report, reducing your research time by… by a lot.  You also have the option of adding custom competitors or even keywords that you want to track.


For the SEO Sales Report, we make you, the SEO, look like an allstar.  It gives a detailed analysis on a domain’s SEO presence, it’s successes and biggest opportunities.  So if you’re trying to onboard a new client you can show them the report and it will look like you have done days of research.  For your existing clients you can continue to run the report for their domain and show how awesome your SEO work is and how much you’re improving their site in Google.


Once you have some traction, you can run this same report with the keywords that you choose.  Simply copy and paste the list in there, and you’re good to go!


The Adwords Advisor report is an actionable analysis of the PPC performance of the domain you enter.  We include keywords that other domains are being successful on, but you aren’t buying.  The report will give you details about different keywords, but more importantly if we feel that it’s a strong bet for you to buy in Adwords.


For many of you, the conclusions that the reports deliver are your end goal anyway.  So we give you the option to do the research manually on SpyFu, forming your own strategies with tons of data that you can export and take with you.  Or get it all rolled up in a simple to use report, it’s up to you!


For the last part of this video I’m going to very briefly show you some customer favorites and where to find them.  That includes backlinks, top lists & leads, and finally, keyword groups.


Backlinks are pretty quick to find, because it says backlinks right here!  From there you can either enter in a keyword that you’d like to rank on and find the links that currently help other domains rank on this keyword.  You can reach out to those domains or post on their forums and try and get a backlink to your site.


You can also type in a domain, and check out the inbound links they’re getting from other sites.  If they’re in your niche and you know their SEO game is strong, this might be the backbone of their campaign.  You can even filter by keyword, seeing exactly what inbound links are leading to this domain HELPING them rank on the keywords you’re after!!


Crazy quick, crazy powerful way to ramp up your SEO presence.


Next up is Top Lists and Leads, both of which are categorized under Outreach.  In Top Lists you can see which domains spend the most on adwords, or which keywords have the highest CPC.  You can then drill into these lists by filtering by location, industry, and even what technologies they are using!  This helps you pinpoint different domains, both nationally and locally that you might be competing with, or need to reach out to.


Which leads us to, well… Leads!  In SpyFu leads It takes only seconds to find a list businesses in your niche so you can get in touch with them.  You can quickly filter by industry, location, online presence and even the contact info we have on them.  and then export the results to  take with you


Finally, I’m going to tell you about our Keyword grouping tool.  It’s located in both Domain research and keyword research.  Meaning you can type in a domain and get a full spread of their SEO or PPC keywords organized and grouped.  Or you can paste in a list of your own keywords and we’ll group them for you.


SpyFu will automatically adds important things like search data, we’ll delete duplicates, and you’ll have a fully organized list of keywords for you to export into excel and/or import into your Adwords account.


Whew, we made it to the end of the video!  There’s so much you can do with SpyFu and we tried to make exploring it as intuitive as possible.  But if you’re still a little lost we have blogs, videos and live chat to help you on your journey.


Everything we do, we do in house, and we listen to your questions and comments.  I will be making more tutorial videos in the upcoming weeks and months addressing your questions about SpyFu in general and the new layout.

As always my fellow spies, thank you for watching.

  • Shannon Sofield

    I’ve been researching tools for the past few days. I started with SpyFu, then went to a bunch of other services like WordStream. After a few days, I have circled back and watched this entire video. For MY needs, this looks like it will be my best solution. The price is incredible and the amount of data looks pretty great. The longer video really pushed me over. Thanks!

    • AgentSidra

      Thanks for sharing, Glad that the video helped you out. We’ve got more video tutorials to help you as you get started in SpyFu (or for when you want to kick things up a bit).

  • Eric Berry

    Excellent video. It was a great overview for a noob like me.