Track your competitor’s conversions

Nacho Analytics lets you track your competitor’s conversions. Having strong competitive intelligence like this is part of a well-executed marketing strategy.

It’s helpful to learn what your competitor is doing in their ads and promotions, but the last piece of the puzzle relies on knowing how well those ads or promotions converted customers.

This isn’t just information that appears in a dashboard. When you get a site’s analytics through Nacho, we let you view¬†actual data (of their site) inside your own Google Analytics account.

With that functionality, you can dive into organized details like Acquisition and Conversions. This information comes from customers who share the data. We never touch other companies’ analytics accounts. That means that they never know that you are looking at their analytics.

Here, Mike Roberts shows us what he could find when he peeked into Walmart’s web analytics. With on-page data, he can see your competitor’s online conversions. Conversions might be email sign-ups, white paper downloads, or (in this case) sales.

See your competitor’s conversions data

You can zoom in on these conversions:

It will change from website to website

Fortunately, gives up some bonus data. They happen to include revenue and product details in the URL. Not every retailer will do this, so take what you can from Walmart. With that data, you can calculate the average order value for their sales.

These URLs have revenue and product in them. That was Walmart specifically, but maybe they aren’t alone in that practice. Could your competitor have any useful info about conversions in their URL?