Turning 6 Years of History into Advanced SEM Research

Ranking results and stats from the most recent month are helpful, but you gain a fuller understanding about a domain’s strategy from its past. The history could be anything from ad copy changes to rankings over time.

Having recent results and past trends makes for powerful answers you wouldn’t get from just one part on its own. That’s why your SpyFu results combine the two:

Current SERP results + Context of past SERP results = More meaningful research.

We extend the results back 6 years for spending, advertisers on a keyword, and ranking over time. You can see the growth of a company and even where Google updates had drastic effects on a domain.

That’s not to say that you can’t single out one month at a time, or see the most recent ad copy from a domain. You still get new information in every search, and the history is available so that you can drill into trends and seasonal patterns.

Since early 2013, we have been building these improvements into SpyFu. We were sitting on  gold—detailed SERP pages on millions of keywords and domains–and challenged ourselves to find new answers from it. Try it in any of these recent updates across the site:

Term Page/Organic Ranking Analysis: Once you search a keyword from the main search bar, the results appear in the term page, complete with new metrics designed to help you assess exactly what you need to do to rank on it, and how hard of a fight it would be.

Keyword Ranking History: You can compare multiple domains’ (and pages’!) rankings on the same keyword over time. It helps you spot what effects that Google’s updates like Panda and Penguin have had on them, too.  Flip it around to see how a single domain or page ranked on different keywords.

URL Page/Social: Find the ranking of any specific page from your site or article on your blog. Now that we can track a page separate from its base domain, you can get the rankings of your social sites apart from the main domain. Think Yelp and Facebook pages like http://www.yelp.com/biz/freeds-bakery-las-vegas or https://www.facebook.com/SpyFu.

Advanced Ad History: Just like the original Ad History, you can still find a domain’s best, most trusted keywords and its best ad copy. And now the advanced Ad History shows where they spread their best-performing ad copy across all of their ads. You can find their dominant message and pinpoint the copy that beat out all others in ad tests.