Uncover Profitable Keywords I Have Missed

Start with Related Keywords: use built-in filters to find profitable new suggestions.

Details: Start with Related Keywords

1.  Think of an industry-related keyword t start with, and type it into the main SpyFu search box. When the keyword’s overview page opens, click the “Related Keywords” tab.

Related Keyword Location

2.  The results START with the following criteria:

  •    They are related to the keywords you entered
  •    These suggestions come from keyword lists of competitors who also bought “college reviews” in AdWords.

3.  These keyword ideas are listed with the more profitable keywords on top — giving you the greatest opportunity for good ROI. These competitive keywords are ready to be exported and added to your campaign (see below). However, you can still filter further. See Step 4.

Related Keywords Results

4.  Narrow your results with built-in cost, volume, or word count filters:

  • Cost per day — Budget-minded option
  • Daily Search Volume — Is there interest in this keyword?
  • SEO Difficulty — Are these keywords within your reach?
  • Number of Words — Helps focus on long tail phrases or shorter terms
  • Advertisers — Number of others already competing for clicks
  • Broad CPC — A standard for estimating the keyword’s demand
  • Clicks per Day — How much traffic you can expect
  • Broad Click through Rate — Help assess potential ROI

Once you set your criteria, you will have a more focused list of profitable keywords that match your needs.