How to unlock “not provided” keywords

There’s a useful workaround to unlock “not provided” keywords inside your Nacho Analytics tool. Even better, it’s mostly automatic–unwrapping the data whenever it’s available.

It helps to know which Google searches are bringing traffic to your page.

You learn your site’s SEO strengths, and you pick up content ideas. Having that information clues you into the kind of detail people want from your site. You might even build up more information or present your content differently depending on what people want to get from you.

Why it Works

The challenge is that in your Google Analytics, about 98% of your organic traffic is shown to you as “not provided.” That’s all you have left to go on.

Here’s the good news. The fact that we see collect data from users (instead of sites) lets us offer a solution for close to 40% of keywords that would have remained hidden.

Because of the way we work with the data, we can look back a few steps (for that user) before they visited the site that you’re researching. If the previous page was a search page, we will unwrap the blocked data and show you which search term they used. It’s a “not provided” keyword solution for your Google Analytics.

Where to See It

When you are looking at the analytics for a site you’ve set up through Nacho Analytics, this will be unwrapped automatically. You can see any available keywords through:

Acquisition> All Traffic>Channels.

Drill further into Acquisition>Overview>Paid Search to see actual match types.