Update: Basic setup returns to Nacho Analytics

Good news! It’s much easier to set up a website in Nacho Analytics.

The new basic setup takes two steps:

  1. Type a website name.
  2. Tell us which email to share the analytics with.

It takes seconds to start. That’s it.

This tool, created by the people who made SpyFu, lets you learn from diving into the web analytics of other sites. You already have ways to see your own analytics. This lets you also study the insights from market leaders and popular brands. It’s a window into customer behavior.

Our latest update to Nacho Analytics makes website analytics simply show up in the Google account you choose. All it takes on your end is typing the website name in your Nacho Analytics website slot.

Customers who used the tool during the last 6 months had been doing extra legwork.

If you tried it, you would have had to pre-arrange accounts on your own and paste in property IDs. We have eliminated that entire process, making everything come down to a matter of seconds. 

Just like always, we still do not need access to your private account. We take care of the account details and then give you access permission. All we’ll need from you is the Gmail or G Suite email that tells us which account to share it with.