An update to how we manage custom reports

SpyFu has a new, simpler system for managing custom reports.

We no longer use a credit system to manage reports. Instead, the number of special reports* you can run is based on your plan type. Here’s how it works.

Domains are categorized as Small, Medium, and Large.

If a domains ranks for fewer than 1000 keywords, we consider that a “small” domain for these purposes. “Medium” domains start at 1000 and go up to 30,000 keywords. After that, we consider them to be “large” domains. PPC Reports count as a “small” domain, no matter how many keywords they buy.

Report Sizes

Choose the right plan for the custom reports you will run.

We’ve included the details on the purchase page, but here’s a short summary.

  • The Basic plan ($79/month) that gives you full access to SpyFu features and unlimited results includes 10 small domain reports each month. (It used to be 200 credits).
  • The Professional Plan ($139/month) includes 30 small domain reports and 10 medium domain reports. (This plan used to give 400 credits.)
  • Large domain reports are available only with the Team, Small Biz, and Agency plans.

No change to SpyFu searches and results

No matter which membership plan you have, you still get full results on any size domain for the keywords it ranks for, its competitors, its best ads, AdWords, and every piece of information you’ve always seen when you type a domain or a competitor into the search bar.


*A word about “reports.”

These custom reports are not the same as our unlimited domain and keyword searches that tell you who is ranking on a search and which keywords a domain buys. These are Recon Files monthly reports that offer deeper analysis of a domain in a whitelabel-ready report.



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