Make your client reports look sharp

A polished, unfamiliar look will catch your client’s eye. We’ve added new designs to make your SpyFu custom reports stand out.

New Recon Report Themes

This is the same domain-specific analysis in a turn-key report. By entering a domain, you can get a summary of the site’s value-creating SEO results (SEO Dashboard Report) or our best recommendations for its AdWords campaign (AdWords Advisor Report).

Since these reports are all about the work that YOU did, we’ve made them¬†ready-to-customize :

These themes include two new designs that you can apply to any of your current or past reports. Once you’ve run a report, go to your report list to choose the “customize” link.

Customize your recon reports

With the “choose your theme” option, we’ll show you choices to update your PDF. You can try each one to see how they work with your domain. ¬†Watch for our newest themes: Surf and Whiteboard to give you an updated look in your monthly client recaps.

New SpyFu Recon report options
  • JameSEO

    This is awesome. About time. I’ve never gave these reports a shot in the past because of how old school the designs were. Now, I’m anxious to start using them. THANKS!

    • AgentSidra

      That’s great to hear, James. I hope you love how they look!

  • M.Nakamura

    Nice. Is it possible to upload a background image to make a custom theme, or is it limited to the provided options?

    • AgentSidra

      Those options are what’s available for colors throughout the report, but full customization lets you add your own (or your client’s) logo to the front page. I’ll pass along your idea to our design team. Thanks!