Use SpyFu as a Sales Hook

Have you not noticed, in your calls and emails with potential clients and decision makers, that you need to very quickly earn the right to be on that phone?

Before working here, SpyFu was already part of my sales toolkit. I consistently used two simple ways over the years with small and mid-sized businesses to earn the right quickly and effectively:

1. Use their competitors to tantalize them.

Find a competitor that is advertising on similar keywords using the competitor’s tab under PPC Research, or the Ad History tab under Keyword Research.

SpyFu Top Organic Competitors for SEO

Find someone with a bigger budget or more keywords, and be ready to call the client to offer these stats in a generalized fashion. SpyFu’s budget/spending stats are estimates, so don’t treat them like the word of law. The last thing you want to do is get in an argument over what their budget is when you don’t have all the facts.


My favorite phrase? “I’m noticing that XYZ company looks to be spending more money on their paid ads than you, and has more keywords that they are appearing on. I can show you some of these keywords they’re using that you aren’t, if you’re interested.”

They likely know who that competitor is already. They likely know that they’re behind that competitor, and that means they are looking for answers. You have become the one to provide them.


2.  You can also find weaknesses in their campaign and show them, gently.

No one likes to be told they’re wrong, but if you’ve browsed their keyword list and can see that they’re wasting effort on low-value keywords or inappropriate ones, the easiest thing to do is to take show them with a simple screen shot over an email.

Offer to send it to them when you’re right on the phone. Even if they don’t want to talk then, they’ll see it later and will likely want to start a dialogue.

A quick inoffensive follow up might be “I see that, perhaps due to a bad broad match, your ad is appearing on ________ keyword… and I can’t help but notice that doesn’t seem especially relevant. Is this something you intended?”

–> How to find it: You can type the domain into our search bar and then pull up PPC Kombat. The “exclusive keywords” for that domain will single out keywords their ad shows up on, but not their competitors.

A similar phrase in the SEO world could be “I notice your current campaign seems to be focused around low-traffic keywords. While you can gain ranks on these keywords quickly, the user base isn’t there to turn those ranks into a steady flow of customers. Can I show you some higher traffic keywords that your competition is using that I think you might be interested in?



These two approaches work because the data is simple to get to. You don’t need to over-complicate things with detailed reports and slide shows on that initial call.

Simply 1 or 2 things that you can find with about 5 minutes of research and explain over the phone or email quickly is enough to start a proper dialogue, build rapport, and give your salesforce the tools they need to get in the door.


Using SpyFu as a sales tool, your easy searches are earning you the right to make that call.