Use Your Keyword Competitors to Find Opportunity – SEO Dashboard Tour, Part 5

Keywords You Are Not Ranked On But Should Be

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What do you see here?

We scoured your competitors to better understand where they rank with their content. Then, we collected those keywords where they rank but you don’t. If you are familiar with SpyFu Kombat, you might recognize this as the overlap of domains, excluding yours.

Marketing overlap of searched domains

SpyFu keyword research tool for SEO keyword research

How do you present this?

Remember, the focus is opportunity. You are presenting a clear direction of what you can achieve with SEO work. Determine (with your client) where it makes sense to allocate resources into developing a presence here and getting a piece of this pie. We’ve prioritized the most attainable opportunities at the top, already ranked by the ability you have to make all that new effort worth your while.

Your best action:

Turn this into an incubator for future growth. You’ve already identified your keywords you already rank on where you can propel yourself further. Add these to your base.

Use the metrics provided (potential clicks per month, average competitor rank, etc.) to set your goals and realistic expectations.

The “View More” link offers more details:

  • Expanded number of keyword entries from the original page
  • Pinpoint the biggest competitors to target.
SpyFu SEO dashboard for keyword research