What you Need to Know About New Sales Leads

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This “new tool” is SpyFu Leads, a new feature that turns all of the info we dig up about a domain into a tremendous pipeline of sales leads for you. Use it for domain outreach, too. Our unique contact information gives you better ways to get in touch.

From what we hear, people who saw the demo are incredibly excited about SpyFu Leads. While we explained how you can use this to your advantage, there were some follow-up questions that we thought we’d answer and share:

Q. First, what exactly is “SpyFu Leads?”

A: OK, in all fairness, this isn’t a question that came from the webinar, because they got a great demo about how different Leads is from your run-of-the-mill lead-gen tool. I put this here to bring everyone up to speed. Bear with me.

SpyFu Leads helps you build a pipeline of reliable contact information–including social media and email contacts in addition to traditional phone and address–along with helpful details you won’t find anywhere else.You can find targeted leads based on information we’ve found about the size of the company, if it’s part of a bigger group, and the technologies they rely on.  All of these help you deliver a more relevant pitch.

Q. Why does this work on “lead views” and exports?

A. [For now] the way to get Leads information is to first enter a domain name into the main SpyFu search bar. Since that’s a core part of SpyFu–researching a domain’s keywords, rankings, and ad spend–we wanted to separate the cost of Leads from domain research. That’s where the idea of counting “lead view”s came in. (The view isn’t counted until you actually view or export the lead.)

SpyFu members already have access to 250 lead views every month through their paid subscriptions. We added that in at no extra charge. New users can get the same deal or try a Leads-only (no SpyFu access)plan at $59.

Q. What counts as a Lead view?

A. When you search a domain, the results page goes to a default Overview tab with the domain’s keywords and competitors on it. Once you click over to the Leads tab, that counts as a view. If you export groups of leads at a time, those all count toward the running tally as well.


Q. I want to do more than just one at a time. How do you get multiple leads?

A. When you open the Leads tab for a domain, there will be related domains listed below it. You can open their lead information individually, or you can filter that list into more targeted matches.

Think location, ad spending, clicks they get from SEO, etc. You can even sort out leads that don’t have Twitter contact information or find companies that use AdSense. Whatever criteria you choose, you can export your list with a button at the top.

Q. How to do I find this on the site?

A. Enter a domain into the main search bar at SpyFu.com. Scroll down past the initial domain stats and large chart. Just below that is the leads tab. Click it to see the Company Card.

Finding lead data for a domain on SpyFu

The related domains right under that give you a chance to export a list of leads filtered by things like location, SEO clicks they get, whether or not they have a Facebook page, or even who has a shopping cart on their site.

Q. How do I buy this?

There will be a link available when you open SpyFu Leads. Or, you can find a list of options here.

Every SpyFu premium membership comes with at least 250 leads per month.

* * *

What questions do you have that we missed? Ask us in the comments below, or head over to Live Chat for immediate answers. If you’d like to catch up on the demo, you can watch the recording here.