Why Does This Domain Show Zero PPC Results?


Sometimes when you enter a domain into SpyFu, it returns with zero PPC results. This video explains why that might be, and what you can do to remedy it.


Video Transcript

If you’re wondering why there aren’t any PPC results for this domain, here’s your answer.


The most obvious reason is that this domain isn’t advertising on anything.  We track millions of keywords for millions of domains and if we’re not seeing this domain’s ads, it probably means that they’re not doing anything in adwords, they may be focusing solely on SEO and content marketing.


If you KNOW they are advertising, here are the reasons we might not be seeing it.


  1. Are they bidding on unique keywords?  We may track millions of keywords, but it’s tough to catch them all.  To remedy this simply go to your account name drop down, and click on request keywords.  You can add thousands of keywords to our database every day.  Keywords we might be missing could be, your brand name, the names of unique products you sell, common misspellings of your brand or product, or unique long tail keywords.  After you enter these in, you’ll be able to see data on them next month, and they will be tracked in our database forever.


  1. Another reason they might not be showing up is because they’ve only recently gotten into the PPC game.  SpyFu updates their main database once a month, so if someone just started advertising we can’t see it.  Check back in a few weeks and their ads should be showing up on our site.  If you don’t want to wait that long go to the “Tracking” portion of our website.  Here you can ttrack specific keywords much more frequently, about once a week.


  1. SpyFu primarily tracks Google Adwords’ search marketing.  This excludes things like display ads, facebook ads, or youtube ads.  We do this to give you the BEST data on the most popular form of internet marketing, search marketing in Google.  


  1. Maybe they’re not advertising on Google, but instead using Yahoo and Bing.  SpyFu does have results for these in the “tracking” portion of our site, which again updates weekly.


  1. Finally, if you know they are doing search advertising in Google, and have been for a while, and we’re STILL not seeing them.  It’s probably because their ads are only showing up locally.  If you’re advertising out of Shooks MN, your ads might only be showing up for people with localish IP addresses.  SpyFu takes data from a neutral location so as not to have our information be influenced by local results.  Fortunately you can also add location specific keywords to our database such as, “Shooks Bait and Tackle” “Bait and Tackle Northern Minnesota” “Shooks, Minnesota premiere fishing.”  And this will start to get you on our radar.


Now that you get what’s going on, try typing some competitors into the search bar and see what their doing in PPC.  Spying on your competition is what SpyFu is best used for.  Emulate some of their best techniques while you wait for this domain to start showing results.


If none of these tips help you out, hop on live chat and we’ll help you with your specific problem.  Customer service will properly make fun of me and I will be ashamed 🙁