Why Use the Keyword Ranking Report?

Our goal in creating the Recon Files has never wavered: “help SEO professionals sell themselves (and more of their services) to their customers.”  We wanted to help everyone improve their SEO keyword strategy and show the value of SEO work. From there, we knew we still had to answer a pressing request straight from our customers.  Let me control it.  I want to track my own keyword rankings without anything else.


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Video Transcript:

Mike Roberts: Our customers love the SEO Recon files more than any product that we have ever done, people buy it and never cancel it, and they spread the word, they like tell like they are SEO buddies, but I tell them never to tell anyone else, it’s like how SpyFu started in the beginning.


When they first found out about the SEO Recon files, they are like, oh my god, finally somebody gets me, they get how my business works, you know and that I need to be selling all the time, and we built something that’s super easy to use, put in a domain name, I can go out and take that on a sales presentation and it wins me clients. There are super passionate set of users, and they come to us in like tradeshows and they are like, what can I put in my own keywords, this is how I actually executed, we actually you know break things down, put them in a spreadsheet, and we know which keywords we want, can the SEO Recon files do that for us and we are like, no.


Frustration to the client is, I go to my customer and I show them stuff that they don’t want to see. I came to them, and I said here is the keywords, I think you should be ranking on, and they said, well here is the keywords we think that we should be ranking on, we agreed on a set of keywords, that’s the engagement, if I show them something that they are not you know that’s not in that list, it distracts them, and it makes them think that I am not focused on their goals, and what they told us is that they get their clients with the SEO Recon files, and then they started using a different tool when they are executing, they are traditional tools.


The main feedback that we got is, I want to put in my own keywords, I want to put in my own competitors, I want to add my own commentary, I want to slap my own logo on there, and give me a weekly updates on my keyword rankings, and that feedback just mounted and mounted and people keep telling us, please let’s do this, please let’s do this, and to be honest we have been executing in a completely different direction, we are planning on putting on our PPC report like right now.


We look into feedback, and we change directions, now you put in the domain name and you put in a list of keywords unless you control the sales message, you take what the customer cares about, and build a report specifically focused on what do you think they will care about, right, are they going to care about saving money on their Google AdWords, are they going to care about their most highly converting keywords.


In most SEO tools they are going to show you in page optimization, how you can do link building, we help you on getting customers retaining them and upselling them, that’s our focus, we care about getting you more business, because and we know that SEOs create ton of value right because there is so much opportunity, when a customer is having a difficult time in understanding it, so we focus on that, we focus on making it as easy for customers to understand the value proposition of the SEO as it is to understand the value proposition, the PPC, if I’m walking you up the value chain, we start with ranks, and we move you up to clicks and then we move you up to dollars, you know your customer if you talk to them in terms of clicks, they are going to discount that value, right, because they don’t know how much it is really worth, you move them from position 15 to position 9 what does that mean in dollars.


We don’t just say you know here is your keyword ranking report, you moved up on these keywords, we say here is your biggest opportunity keyword groups, these are the groups of keywords that you can, that if you build some content around you will make the most money, here is some keywords that you never ranked on ever before, and you give them that. Here is some pages that we managed to get rank through hard SEO work, this is a sales driven tool, we are not just telling them how big you are doing, we’re telling them how much opportunity exists if they keep engaging, that you are going to retain your customers more because you are showing them the opportunity and you are showing them the value and finally what the competitors are up to and they are actually at, that’s the differentiator, we focus on helping you sell yourself to your customers and now you can do it in the same way that you have always executed, you take your list of keywords, you plug it in and we show you all of these great perspectives.


This is going to change people’s business and making it something SEO business can be a big business like we want to make it so that this is not a two million dollar a year business but it’s the 100 million dollar a year business that it deserves to be.