It’s easy to create a Recon Files Report. Start seeing benefits right away!

RECON Files reports have been called “easy to create” for good reason. Make that 3 reasons.

1.  It’s easy to set up for any domain.

You can start an SEO Dashboard report using just a domain name. A 2-step wizard whisks you through the setup for any report. You’ll be a step ahead when you can create a report for potential clients before you even meet.

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2.  It’s easy on your time.

It’s not just a spectacular presentation of your SEO results, complete with a map to opportunity. Saving you extensive time may be the biggest unsung benefit of RECON. Up-front time and long-term man hours are easily slashed:

Start up

No Baseline

Your first RECON Files report can be as robust as your tenth. SpyFu already collects details on millions of keywords alongside domain performance. So whether you want to measure a car dealer or a retail site, you have full access to months of extensive data.

You will never have to apologize for ramping up data. We can arm you with up to 6 months of historic performance without any legwork on your end.

Start working on SEO, not on reports

When you first land a new client, spending so much time preparing the first reports could derail your plans to wow them immediately. If you’d rather spend time doing actual SEO work instead of trying to document their existing stats, RECON is your rescue.

No keywords to import.

Forget registering keywords with us or uploading lists. We take care of that for you. Your report is built on your organic keywords we have already captured. Then, we scour your competitors and related sites for suggested keywords that can pack a wallop in your campaign.

I reached out to a lead and ran a Recon report for his website. I sent him the report making me look like I knew tons about his website. He called me right away and now he is using my SEO services.

–From our Email

Immediate and Long Term

RECON Files reports are polished, and far easier to interpret than a spreadsheet.

Spreadsheets might compile data well, but they never tell a story. And in terms of presentation, the only thing more intimidating and unsexy is my 7th grade social studies teacher. (Really, if you saw that mole, you’d agree).

RECON Files reports eliminate Excel dependence. It’s time to replace the sorting, filtering, row hiding, and the OMG-one-wrong-formula-just-killed-my-report-and-I-can’t-find-it stresses that bog down your time.

3.  It’s easy to save money.

With time savings, money savings go hand in hand. The huge pill of up-front costs that clients struggle with can torpedo SEO sales. They feel it’s a leap of faith to pay for results they haven’t yet seen. In some cases, SEOs themselves are eating these costs just to hold onto a client.

“How much more value could you deliver if you didn’t have to do 60 hours or 120 hours at the beginning? SpyFu is one of the only companies positioned to this, considering the data that’s necessary.”

RECON Files’ features add incredible value to your client presentations:

  • illustrated graphs
  • deep data
  • month-to-month measurements
  • automatic report creation each month

That frees you from spending intensive man-hours just to retain your clients. RECON Files take this off your plate, driving down your account management costs over time.

“There’s stuff that your software does, that [otherwise] takes me hours and hours to do.”