SEO Reports that Sell for You? Assert Your Value with Recon Files

Recon Files provide detailed month-end recaps that double as a sales tool. These reports help clients clearly see the value you created, priming them to want even more. That’s by design. This is why the other side of the coin includes RECON Files guiding you to the areas ripe for SEO improvement so you can sell more services.

It’s the 1-2 punch of earning the sale.

Sure, SEO reports exist. Some teach you helpful technical tips like where to optimize your meta tags and which links are broken. This new type of SEO report, SEO RECON Files, leaps beyond that to serve a more profitable purpose.

Assert Your Value

SEO rankings are a feather in your cap. On an unpopular keyword, the #1 ranking is good only for the ego. It does nothing for return. However, when rankings drive clicks—from relevant, high-valued keywords—you reap qualified traffic you would have gotten only by paying for it through PPC.

Clicks must supersede rankings. In the best circumstances before, clients might have been happy with their rankings but never caught on how that translated into ROI. And who could blame them? Even though SEO drives 80% of search engine clicks, PPC’s ROI clarity gave it the glory. Not to mention the budget.

That changes now.

SpyFu CEO Mike Roberts “What if we could make it as easy for clients to understand the value proposition for SEO as easy as it is to understand the value proposition for PPC.”

RECON Files reports were designed to make you look like a million bucks. Instead of just showing your results, RECON explains what those results mean in terms of actual clicks and dollars you would have had to spend to get that traffic.

Then, once you look awesome, you bring it home by capturing actionable opportunities that are realistic but still dazzling.

SpyFu keyword data in graph

“These reports are going to make you money. They are going to sell you more services. And they are going to…level the playing field fundamentally for SEOs in a way that has never been done before.”

Imagine an SEO metal detector, leading you to gold. It’s one thing to know that you need to improve in certain areas, but RECON Files dig up the best opportunities that you hadn’t even considered:

  • What are the keywords you fall short on compared to your competitors?
  • Where do you already rank where you could gain so much more?
  • Where are you spending PPC dollars for keywords you already gain traffic on organically? (Perhaps funnel some of those ad dollars the SEO way?)

These growth and improvement opportunities are based on you domain’s performance. With that kind of domain-specific insight, you can dazzle a potential client and make it look like you’ve been studying their site for months. What retains existing clients drives new business, too.

“You can start talking to your potential clients with full knowledge of everything there is to know about their SEO campaign and all the opportunity before you go in for your first sales meeting.”

Now with ROI measurements they can grasp, and a tantalizing picture of the opportunity within reach, clients realize why SEO is so crucial to their bottom line.

“It’s going to be able to make us more, showing people just how necessary our services are.”

That does more than make your work relatable.
That makes your work indispensible.
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