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Start with Ad History: Turn to your competitor’s ads from the past year for big clues about their best ad copy-keyword combinations and the pitfalls to avoid. The secrets lie within the changes they make—or don’t make—from month to month:

Details: Start with Ad History

1.  Choose a keyword related to the ad you are writing, and enter it into the main search bar. (Or you can navigate directly to the Keyword Research tab and choose Advertiser History where you can do a search there.)

Keyword Overview Location

2.  The results (when you scroll down) include each ad that every advertiser ran month for that term–going back more than 10 years.

Most Successful Advertisers

3.  Every time an advertiser updated the ad copy, we add a new version number to represent each ad copy variation. (v1, v2, v3, v4, etc.) As they try more variations, we also adjust the shade of that month’s ad box color. it helps you spot heavy testing over time:

Ad variations color coated in SpyFu Ad History

4.  Watch for patterns of the same version. Even better, watch for these patterns following a stretch of ongoing testing. This usually shows that even after trying new tweaks to the ad copy, they returned to what had worked for them originally.

For example, dominos.com got as far as trying its 28th variation for “online pizza ordering,” shown as “v28.” Not only did they return to version #9 (v9) that had run earlier, but they’stuck with it before testing another variation.

Dominos.com knows it can safely fall back on version 9 above 27 other versions it tested. Should #29 fall flat, you know where they’ll go to again. Version #9 is strong ad copy for dominos.com on this specific keyword.

5. Now that you found where they have run the best copy, click on V9 box (in the dominos.com row) to see the exact ad copy.

SpyFu Ad history ad variations

6. Now, use elements of this winning ad copy to build your own ad. Flip it around, and watch for failed ad copy phrases so you know what to avoid.

Take it a step further. Click on the domain name itself. This will open all ads that dominos.com ran.  Look for “most profitable ads and keywords.”

Interested only in their “online pizza ordering” copy? No problem. The filter for “online pizza ordering ” is already applied to these keywords. You can adjust it from here.

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